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Success in Communicating
Training in soft skills such as communication, self-motivation, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking is now getting the credit it deserves in the corporate world, as these are often overlooked in tough economic times. Caring for the employees’ well-being and work/life balance through soft skills training results in confident and satisfied employees that will sustain organisations. 

Research shows that soft skills account for 90% of what makes people progress up the success ladder. Caroline Lawless, Digital Marking Manager at LearnUpon. 

As a communication skills training company, VoiceWork’s courses contribute to this by:
– Ensuring a good customer experience by speaking with clarity and authenticity.
– Developing confidence so that your message is heard. 
– Overcoming the fear of public speaking and presenting.

Join us in 2020 for our courses, which are conducted individually, or in groups, privately or in house. Look out for details on our new Voice Coaching for Entrepreneurs Masterclass.
Marianthi Dickie: 082 658 5542

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