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Our Clients

Marianthi working with a client


Hundreds of VoiceWorks graduates have learnt to sound confident and clear, maximising their impact in the workplace, enhancing the quality of their vocal communication skills and presentation styles. In addition, improved communication skills among workers and management staff assists in alleviating conflict situations and misunderstandings.

VoiceWorks’ portfolio of courses attracts a wide range of delegates within the business and professional sectors. CEOs, CFOs, managers, financial planners, actuaries, engineers, lawyers, actors,TV & radio presenters, receptionists, and call center consultants have all learnt the value of using their voices skillfully. Privately, we have also dealt with stroke victims and rape survivors, and have helped them to find their voices again.

Our Corporate Clients have included:

This is a list of some of our clients that have elected to utilise VoiceWorks for their voice and communication training requirements.

What are our clients saying about us…

VoiceWorks are highly professional and know exactly how to ensure that their training brings maximum benefit to any team. We have seen a vast improvement in our staffs confidence and ability to communicate more effectively thanks to Marianthi and her team.


This kind of training is valuable and applicable to almost anyone in the working world, but is especially important for business consulting.

Change Management Consultant

The programme has really made a difference. Now I take a breath before I answer the phone, I am more relaxed and confident in what I am doing.


Marie has received great feedback from a client regarding the clarity and pronunciation of consultants when communicating with English, Scottish and Irish customers. This is the ultimate test – a happy client.

International Call Centre Manager

I am not talking in such a high pitch voice any more!

Course delegate

I was very impressed with what your voice can do for you as a person. It was a very informative presentation.

Conference Delegate

The VoiceWorks Accent Neutralisation Workshops at VoiceWorks has been a true value add to our internal and external clients, and ensures that we always meet Service Level Agreements and business deliverables.

International Call Centre Manager

I really enjoyed the small group environment of this workshop. It was interesting to learn about different people’s challenges with vocal communication. This heightened my own awareness about my strengths and weaknesses with speaking and presenting. I also thought it was constructive to receive feedback from my peers.

Research Analyst

Speech Training & Communication Skills Coaching.



Courses for individuals and groups are aimed at both the Private and Corporate sectors.


All courses are modular in design and can be tailored to suit your exact needs, particular budget and schedule.