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Why “Voice and Presentation Skills” Coaching?

Why do we envy those natural born leaders, those who are able to stand up and speak in any situation? For many this does not come naturally, but this type of coaching can be mastered quickly if enough effort and practice is put in, much like getting fit at the gym or for a sport.

Many people are fearful and get anxious when they need to present information to a group of people. Fear can make you feel overwhelmed, which affects the performance of your delivery, whether to a big gathering, a board meeting or virtual meeting. You can change this uncomfortable situation by learning the skills of having a brilliant vocal impact and presentation style.

Benefits of Voice Coaching

By training your voice to work for you:
  • You will learn to speak with more assertiveness
  • You will get your message across effectively
  • You will sound more persuasive and grab your audiences’ attention
  • You will learn to control your voice and your body language
  • You will communicate more fluently and boldly, thereby increasing your confidence and self esteem

Benefits of Presentation Skills

By combining fantastic voice skills with presentation skills, you will:
  • Improve your sales pitch
  • Become an effective public speaker
  • Perform an excellent business presentation.
  • Gain confidence to present authentically

These courses can be done online in a small group, or individually.

VoiceWorks – Consultants for Voice and Presentation Skills