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A Summary of VoiceWorks Public & Corporate Courses

VoiceWorks enhances and improves the quality of vocal communication skills and presentation styles. All our training courses start with developing and enhancing the voice. This is the foundation on which we build further communication skills.

  • Our courses are experiential and offer the opportunity to develop your authentic voice to its best potential.
  • Learn reliable techniques you can depend on under pressure.
  • Get the opportunity to practice the new techniques and skills under guidance from an experienced facilitator.
  • Overcome fear and nervousness and communicate with confidence.

All courses make use of audio or audio-visual coverage, written evaluations and a certificate of completion. Follow-up monitoring determines the extent skills have been transferred to the workplace. All courses are modular in design and can be tailored to suit your exact needs, particular budget and schedule.

Confidence, Clarity and Power – voice training for effective communication

Group of four people discussing work in a board room