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A lady answering the phone with confidence after attending a VoiceWorks course

Research shows us that people judge us by the way we look but more importantly by the way we sound. We spend time, money and effort on the way we look, and so we should, in order to reflect the correct corporate, business or personal image. Few people spend the same effort on how they sound.

Yet far more indicate of our character and personality, social standing and intelligence is how we sound.

We are ‘placed’ by our listeners and sometimes we do this to others.

The voice is important – it brands us so we need to be in control of how we sound.

The minute we speak, our tone, pitch, clarity and variety sends out signals about the kind of person we are, even indicating our moods at that particular time.

Projecting the right sound can make a big difference to the way we are perceived and treated so make sure that your 15 seconds to impact is well spent when you open your mouth to speak.

– Marianthi Dickie, Founder and CEO of VoiceWorks